June 15, 2017
I do apologize that not much is done. I have a lot of work to go and I don't spend as much time on this as when I was preteenish. I'm a lot older now but I still love having a place to house old things to show gradual change. I haven't had much new content because I haven't made much for a while. I do promise the majority will have content soon because a lot of things have already been made.

June 12, 2017
Well there's more today than there was a few days ago. News/About were merged into Home for starters. NewNoise was added to OldAudio and will feature all of the new stuff as I make it and consider it listenable. There will also be a slot for remixes old and new, as I've been downloading a lot of multitracks to re-attempt a small calling in making remixes. Firstly a lot of Nine Inch Nails will happen, since those are the easiest multitracks to come by. You'll find old remixes from 2000-2003 featuring eminem, mindless self indulgence, and a lot by Insane Clown Posse. Yes, it happened and I am sorry. Their songs were so easy to add to and so basic musically that it made things fun, and those were my start to using the software by Sonic Foundry called ACID. Now that sony has purchased it, it hasn't been the same. Hopefully using #10 proves me wrong.

I added Maynard James Keenan from Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer to the unmade fansites list. That menu only operates the doom fansite for now anyways. Gamewerkz has actually been condensed but more will exist within, as a lot of the menu options were condensed. Otherworldly houses what was originally 5 options, and I made a full and complete page for Primitive Doom Stuff. My girlfriend Brianna tried Chambers of Death 3 in full as well as Chaos95 in full and loves Chaos95. Weirdly it never got any good reviews. Sure the level design wasn't that super detailed but the puzzles were fun at least. Maybe I'll re-release it under a new author name and title with tons of detail and my own music. I used an old page for the college shit that I will get to fixing up to where it actually runs all of the college games and videos. The games will be linked off of it soon so that they are at least accessable but in the meantime you can find them here: jplstatic.newgrounds.com.

I added a WebProjects button to house the ville community and soon all of the abandoned sites from 1999-2017 will be linked from a central index.html that has screenshots of every single one. I will remove the mp3 music since you can get that here and it takes up the most space, or just link to the current music. You can then peruse my old functioning websites or download them to alter into your own pieces. Miscellaneous will feature How To Do Stuff, doom - unity - blender - web design, other stuff as well. Brianna's Art will be here. My Dropbox's shared folder, and there will be a linkpool to many of the sites I get information from and resources. Be it web design, game design, audio design, or programming. There will also probably be a lot of other links soon too. The Interests Feed under home will have all of the goofy links and youtube videos. Science/Space/etc with some Humor. About the Website and About the Author as well as My Favorite Things will exist there as well. The interests feed will be Tumblr, and I also have a livejournal for a little web design/project diary. Fotos De Mi Familia will be basically photos of my little family. My relatives and such will exist here too. Immediate family first. You'll also find a functioning sitemap with about a paragraph for each button/link on the menu. Finally, I will soon branch out the Contact menu option to have more than just sending me an email. This website may or may not have its own forum system for that as well, a contact form, a cbox, and other methods on other sites to get ahold of me. Profiles too, like Facebook, Doomworld, Newgrounds, etc.

June 9, 2017
Well I fixed the issue with needing about 100 copies of the menu on different pages. I don't know why I didn't try it this way, I tried traditional framesets but no iframes. Now I feel I let a "No Shit" slip by me. Since this news entry exists on my day of birth, 1981 I will share the little things I picked up for this occasion 5-6 days ago: Perturbator: The Uncanny Valley. This exists on bandcamp for free, but there are countless physical copies of all of their albums, vinyls and cds, even a tape or two I think. They are all sold out, but since this is more popular of a one-man-band than I had once thought, ebay had the gold. A digipak will come in the mail soon. I also got Pinstripe off of steam, per request by my girlfriend to get it someday. Strafe was my second purchase on there, and I like what I see so far. It was made to emulate the days of doom and quake, 1996.

The other two purchases online were Hugo's House of Horrors and the other two games in the trilogy by David P Gray, as well as another trilogy by the name of Nitemare 3-D which I misspelled on purpose because that's the actual spelling. This was probably due to DOS only allowing 8-character file names with a 3-character extension (FILENAME.TXT) but who knows. Maybe he wasn't from America originally.

Anyways, I decided upon finding the source to "Omnium Gatherum" for the fourth "Songs From Orion" now "8-Bit Armageddon", that I will create a 15+ minute version and give it its own EP complete with other outtakes from the first four releases' eras/folders and make this 30 minute EP the fifth part of the series. All of the new tracks will instead go to 8-Bit Armageddon:2017 under New Noise for now, and it will be given a new title eventually of course. If not, hell, I could just go by year. These are pretty fun to make and since the software is obsolete I don't see any competition any time soon. As for actual competition, I need to find my new niche of a sound. ACID Noise to 8-Bit Synth to ???????. I need to find a happy medium or a new soundscape. There are also some soundtracks in the works for a couple of buddies making games.

June 6, 2017
Well the menu is near completion so that it can be copied throughout a slew of blank pages representing what will be brought over here from other sites or made as new. Ironically the first part I will probably work on is the front page of the "Abandoned Sites" area to mend together a screenshot fest that leads to the actual sites to tinker with or just download in full (minus mp3s and larger files). AUdioVaultz works though the 8-Bit Armageddon parts need split back into smaller albums (Thanatos leads to the full 150 track version still)

Fansites will usually be single page except for the DOOM site which will be the old one remodelled and have all the new and best fanmade games to play via DOOM Source ports. My D2 levels under gamewerkz will also have makeovers and single pages. The Jerry's Remix of Mario will have a complete how-to guide on how to do this whole making a mario clone without using mario maker. I will peruse old hard drives/sites to find the exboardius photos or just shoot new ones with her $500 canon I got her a while back ;)

NewNoize already has about ten tracks to be appended. The New Soundtracks/Tributes will of course include a DOOM and/or DOOM II Soundtrack made more techno but still with electric guitar like the others, just approached differently. News will have an interests feed which will have the type of things you would find on a facebook page or wall/feed. I'll just share science news and things about space, dinosaur discoveries with tail feathers and of course new music news. Youtube videos will have their place as well. LinkPooL will basically be my favorites which are already split, placed in html format into 5 or more groups. I'll write more "How To Do Stuff" articles and add my favorite choices from my girlfriend's artwork. There will probably end up more options but unfortunately once I carry this menu over to all the other pages, I'll have to add each page to every single other page. That doesn't sound like a good time!

June 3, 2017
Well I started a new basic menu system to make things easier to navigate and load faster. There are also quite a number of hidden folders and files on this server that may be linked later when things are in alpha/beta stages or I decide they are worth listing. There is a lot more music, mostly with comedic words, or just nonsense/shock.

I've been wanting to purchase an IRC chat server for years, but I still don't have much of a purpose for one ;) I also have unlimited hosting available if anyone would like a unlimited FTP account, and a couple of my friends may have contributions for this, a website that will more than likely soon be a "personal" portion branching off from a more broad local website of many personal homepages offered, as well as a front page listing many businesses and other services. sciw.us